Automakers pain is the buyer's gain

January 19, 2011 12:00 AM

Thanks to the recent crisis that left automakers reeling from economic loss, buyers will soon reap the benefits, reports the Wall Street Journal.

For example, smaller cars will look more attractive and SUVs will drive smoother and have better fuel economy.

While these measures may be costly, they reduce the chances of companies wasting money on cars that customers aren't interested in. The size of the vehicles and their quality has improved because executives had to create innovative technologies and smarter designs to bring in more business.

Ford and GM seem to making the most progress, according to the source. In Consumer Reports, the two automakers have made large gains in quality.

Increased competitiveness between car companies also spurs a creative renaissance that affects drivers and car buyers in a great way.

"Closing factories and slashing labor costs and overhead give auto makers more freedom to build cars and trucks customers want, and not flood the market with vehicles destined to sit unsold for month," reports the Journal.

In addition, the race for greener practices is expected to lure customers in with the promise of saving the environment when buying a vehicle.

Of course, it's still possible for these automakers to fail. Cars on display auto shows may fare differently once they make their way to market.

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