Automakers gear up for football season

September 4, 2013 12:00 AM

Football season has officially gotten underway, and when fans tune in to catch their favorite teams play, they're likely going to see some familiar vehicles. Nissan is bringing back its Heisman House commercials, which struck a chord with audiences last year by bringing together past Heisman winners for a series of humorous ads. 

Instead of focusing on aspects of Nissan that tend to attract drivers, such as vehicle maintenance, the spots highlight 13 winners of the Heisman Trophy, which recognizes the best player in college football. The ads will include athletes like Robert Griffin III, Sam Bradford, Barry Sanders, Matt Leinart and Carson Palmer, and depicts what life would be like if these athletes lived together in a house. 

"The sustainability of the original concept with fresh scripts, new athletes and the ability to showcase new vehicles year over year is a tremendous creative story, which is a testament to the power of the idea," said Sean Hanrahan, senior vice president at ESPN. 

Nissan isn't the only automaker getting in the football spirit. Brands like Hyundai, Ford and GMC will all be making appearances at stadiums around the country for college and professional games, as well as on television for strings of football-related commercials. 

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