Audi will allow viewers to decide Super Bowl ad endings

January 23, 2013 12:00 AM

Try as they might, football fans won't really be impacting the outcome of the Super Bowl when the game kicks off on February 3. They will, however, be able to exercise some control over the commercials they see during the show. 

Audi and Coca-Cola are allowing fans to provide some input as to how the commercials end. Each company is releasing teaser commercials prior to the game, with Audi's debuting on Thursday, January 24 at midnight, In Auto News reports. The automaker's YouTube channel will have three similar ads that all end in a different way, and viewers can vote on their favorite ending to decide which one makes the final cut and airs during the Super Bowl. 

"It's crucial to not only entertain Americans during the Super Bowl, but to also engage them in a broader conversation," Loren Angelo, general manager of brand marketing for Audi, told USA Today. "We want Audi to become part of the conversation in America."

Audi is one of eight automobile brands that will advertise during the game. This year's commercials are expected to include a surplus of humorous situations and social media incorporations, with less of an emphasis on things like scheduled maintenance or financing options, The New York Times reports. 

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