Audi tops BMW for customer interest

June 13, 2013 12:00 AM

Purchasing a new or used car is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Most drivers put a lot of thought and research into their investment, searching for the best option regardless of what type of car they're looking for. A recent analysis from found that Audi is one brand attracting a lot of shopper attention. 

In fact, potential car buyers in 30 states are more interested in Audi than BMW, the traditional leader of the luxury vehicle market. Despite Audi's dominance in much of the northern half of the country, BMW still leads in important states like New York, California, Florida and Texas. 

"While Audi trails BMW in sales, we are seeing definite encroachment in shopper interest, which is a clear indication that Audi is capturing the attention of more and more BMW shoppers," said Rick Wainschel of "In the past, Audi has taken on Mercedes very directly, but they have been more aggressive recently about going after the positioning platforms that BMW has traditionally been known for." 

With Audi making a push to be the top luxury automaker, future shoppers could potentially benefit from increased competition, which may even lead to lower prices, more affordable vehicle maintenance and the inclusion of special features. 

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