Audi offers Twitter fans a chance to drive an R8

March 23, 2012 12:00 AM

Audi has announced the return of its popular #WantAnR8 Twitter promotion, which allows users to enter for the chance to win an Audi R8 for a weekend.

The promotion began organically, with Audi fan Joanne McCoy tweeting the automaker about the R8 last year, ending her message with #WantAnR8. When Audi showed up at McCoy's house with an R8 for her to drive, it quickly picked up momentum, with thousands of Audi fans hoping to get behind the wheel as well.

Audi continued to show up to its fans houses, and now the promotion is back for a second round, reports Autoblog. From March 20th through October 29th, those who tweet #WantAnR8 will have a chance to be selected for a weekend with an R8.

"Last year, what started as a small swell on Twitter erupted into a nationwide battle to win an R8 for a day. The #WantAnR8 Twitter campaign allowed Audi fans to engage in a fun, exciting way and we're thrilled to bring it back for a second year," said Scott Keogh, Chief Marketing Officer, Audi of America.

Those who actually own an R8 or other high-end sports cars should be sure to take care of them with regular auto maintenance. Radiator service can help prevent the engine from overheating, which can be a danger in high-powered models such as the R8.

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