Audi helps drivers hit green lights

January 10, 2014 12:00 AM

If there's one thing that can be tremendously aggravating to drivers, it's having to constantly start and stop at red lights. Not only do those mandatory stops add on to the time it takes to get from place to another, but they seriously disrupt the flow of your trip, and the constant braking uses up gas at a faster rate than simply cruising. 

Luckily, Audi has decided to do something about this hassle. The brand recently revealed its Mobile Audi Smart Display, which is comprised of a tablet that has been specifically designed for in-car use. According to USA Today, the 10.2-inch device can be used to control the Audi infotainment system while also functioning as a standard tablet, but the biggest feature may be a new technology known as Traffic Light Assist. 

AutoBlog reported that Traffic Light Assist uses live and predicted data to analyze local traffic light patterns. It then applies that technology to determine what speed cars should travel at to avoid hitting red lights. Because the system takes actions like lane changes and turn signals into account, motorists can get completely accurate information about their driving. 

This state-of-the-art technology may require drivers to monitor vehicle maintenance to ensure that all aspects of Traffic Light Assist are functioning properly. However, that is a relatively small effort considering the payoff that could go along with the tablet. 

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