Audi A6 is stuck in the middle

February 22, 2011 12:00 AM

Audi's A6 seems to be suffering from middle child syndrome, as it drives like a big A4 or a small A8, reports MotorTrend.

That's not to say it's not a smooth and comfortable vehicle. In fact, it's a great car, says the auto critics. The problem is that it's just not very original.

Of the interior, MotorTrend says it is "best described as an orgy of technology, it's possible to push, pull, prod, doodle, and twist buttons for 50 miles without once thinking about the art or act of driving. I'm not even sure where to start describing the electronic doohickery..."

There are two engine options available stateside: a 3-liter V-6 with 310 horsepower or a 2-liter inline-4 turbocharged with 211 horsepower.

Since the car is lighter, it drives a bit smoother too than older A6 models, but not much. The steering seems to be the car's biggest downfall. MotorTrend says its clunky and doesn't cooperate with driver in any of the settings (The A6 has three drive settings: Comfort, Dynamic and Auto).

The eight-speed automatic is a nice consolation, but it's almost erased by the fact that America isn't getting the seven-speed manual transmission. Boo you, Audi.

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