Apple CarPlay to come to new vehicles

April 17, 2014 12:00 AM

Apple's innovative's CarPlay technology is slated to make the move to a new mix of vehicles, bringing the much lauded resource to a wider range of drivers. This should prove appealing to smartphone users looking to integrate their handy device with their vehicles. Apple hopes to convince drivers that CarPlay is savvy enough to entice a new market of drivers. 

CarPlay is an innovative force for drivers
According to, CarPlay allows a driver to use an iPhone in a safe manner while driving. The iPhone has numerous features that can help a driver, such as location services. The smartphone employs the cool feature known as Siri, which allows a driver to speak to the iPhone while driving, with Siri responding to the requests. Take, for example, a driver trying to find a place for brake repair. He or she may be confused about where to go, but if a vehicle is accompanied by CarPlay, the driver can speak to Siri to find a place suitable for auto repair. The console of the car will also display Google maps, clearly showing the best routes to land at the destination of choice. For passionate travelers, this technology may be an excellent update for long road trips.

CarPlay coming to new vehicles
According to The Verge, CarPlay is migrating to auto companies like Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and Hyundai. All of these companies will transition CarPlay into their vehicles, allowing a driver to access the many benefits smartphone users enjoy. This is similar to the process necessary when air conditioners were put in cars, as the vehicle's designers will have to ensure that the technology will be able to work in the car. Like auto air conditioning repair, the CarPlay service or other technology may have to be repaired at some juncture. If that's the case, be sure you're heading to an auto repair franchise that has professionals with plenty of knowledge about new amenities and your type of vehicle. 

Many valuable features  
Apple noted that CarPlay brings numerous options to drivers, such as using the hands-free technology of Siri to make calls. Making calls is done in a manner analogous to telling Siri a desired location, all without using your hands. This has the benefit of making driving a safe endeavor, as well as staying within the bounds of the law. Many drivers may appreciate the boost to their vehicle that CarPlay offers. 

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