Appalachian Blue Ridge Parkway offers a scenic, relaxed drive

December 21, 2011 12:00 AM

After getting routine auto maintenance, brake service or a tire alignment, drivers may feel the urge to take their freshly-revived vehicles for a spin. Taking the long way home may seem like enough for some, but a leisurely drive down a scenic road can can be the best way to fully experience the joy of having a car that runs well. There are roads all over America that offer winding drives, beautiful views and all sorts of sights.

The Blue Ridge Highway is a great spot for people who live in the western areas of North Carolina and Virginia. This 469-mile highway takes travelers through the Appalachian mountains, where morning mist coats the road to create a dream-like setting that is almost unreal, according to

This road is no Autobahn, and the National Park Service states that drivers should not expect to see speed limits higher than 45 miles per hour. The highway is so scenic that drivers should slow down and enjoy the ride. They may even feel the need to pull off at one of the many rest areas along the way for a picnic or just to take in a scenic landscape.

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