Anne Hathaway and her beau still have an Audi A5

February 25, 2011 12:00 AM

Co-host of the 2011 Academy Awards, Anne Hathaway, was spotted grabbing a coffee in her boyfriend's Audi A5 - a car that's already made headlines, reports Just Jared.

Fans of the movie star may remember her terrifying encounter with a paparazzo in December 2009, when a photographer on a bike crashed into the Audi. Hathaway's boyfriend, Adam Shulman, had been driving at the time.

The photographer, who was blamed for the accident, was riding a purple bike with pink pedals, according to E! Online. The A5 wasn't damaged much only the side view mirror got busted, but Annie and Adam were seriously concerned about the photographer who ran into the car.

Audi A5s are classified as a compact executive car, a sportier version of the A4 model. The T A5 that Shulman drives is black and has a 2.0 TFSI with 211PS engine and a dual exhaust, as determined by a collection of photos.

Critics love the A5, praising its design and quality, but some sticklers believe that it's steering and suspension are a bit too weak for the amount of power many drivers use.

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