American Petroleum Institute determines 1 in 5 marketplace oils do not meet requirements

October 21, 2013 12:00 AM

After evaluating results from its annual motor oil testing program, the American Petroleum Institute determined that 1 in 5 samples of marketplace oil tested did not meet the requirements of the API's motor oil performance standards. This is a worrying statistic considering that the motor oil used in a car is integral to its vehicle maintenance, and sub-par oil increases the chances of needed car repair. According to Valvoline oil company, quality oil also reduces the vehicle's emissions, improves fuel economy and increases engine power and life. 

"API has launched a new phase in its Motor Oil Matters program that will provide the information necessary to consumers to ensure they receive the high quality motor oils that they expect for their vehicles," said API's Engine Oil Licensing and Certification System manager Kevin Ferrick.

The API tested more than 1,800 motor oils from tanks dispensed over the last five years. As part of API's Motor Oil Matters program, the study went on to compare the results against licensed oil formulations to determine the oils' identity and if the claimed performance level of those oils was up to snuff. 

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