After a long delay, Alfa Romeo set to debut again

June 29, 2012 12:00 AM

Most would characterize Chrysler's re-introduction of the Fiat brand to North America as a success, with the Fiat 500 selling well and the marquee off to a good start. Yet Fiat is not the only nameplate Chrysler is bringing stateside - the sporty Alfa Romeo brand is poised to launch this year as well.

According to Reuters, Alfa Romeo is set to debut in early 2013 after a long wait. Before Fiat (which owns Alfa Romeo) bought Chrysler in 2009, it was thought that Alfa Romeo would actually come back to the U.S. in 2004. Those plans were put on hold, then delayed again after Chrysler was bought out. Now, after nearly a decade's wait, the brand is finally poised for re-entry.

The first model out of the gate will be the Alfa Romeo 4C, a sports car that was designed by engineers at Maserati. The brand hopes to take aim at BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche while using Chrysler's dealer networks and factories in order to make the U.S. transition easier. Still, Chrysler is proceeding with caution before introducing the brand.

"We are anxious to get started with Alfa Romeo," Bill Golling, a Chrysler dealer, told the news source. "But I would prefer the launch, products and marketing be right rather than rushed."

Those who own a high-end sports car like the upcoming 4C should be sure to take care of it with regular vehicle maintenance and car tune ups.

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