Advanced car technologies becoming more affordable

July 12, 2013 12:00 AM

Car shoppers are constantly on the hunt for vehicles that provide plenty of bang for their buck. This may mean the automobiles come equipped with great fuel economy, extra cargo space or a plethora of special features that can enhance the driving experience. Many of these state-of-the-art technologies are quickly becoming more prevalent in vehicles, and getting a car with some of these tools is easier and more affordable than ever before, reports.

"We're just now seeing the first generation of some mind-blowing car technology that will simplify all of our lives," said Ronald Montoya, consumer advice editor at "But what's even more remarkable is that automakers are quickly pushing these technologies into high-volume production vehicles, so you don't have to pay an extreme price tag to get a taste of the latest and greatest innovations." 

Drivers should keep an eye out for a few of these technologies. Wi-Fi hotspots in cars could make it easier to access smartphone apps or stream music, while features like an easy-fill tire alert will help you keep tires at the ideal pressure for any setting. One of the most popular technologies is piloted parking. This can include autonomous driving, advanced cameras, automatic braking, collision warnings and more. According to Fox News, these tools could help keep motorists safe while also reducing the risk of crashes and auto repair

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