Adults forgo car donations in favor of selling vehicles

April 4, 2013 12:00 AM

With programs like Cash for Clunkers making waves in recent years, it would be natural to think that many Americans donate used cars once they're done driving them. In reality, however, many individuals are giving up the environmental benefits and tax credits that can come from donating a vehicle in favor of selling it. 

According to a recent survey from Kars4Kids, only 10.5 percent of adults have ever donated a car in the past, and the numbers don't look to rise anytime soon. Despite the fact that an overwhelming 94 percent of Americans donate other household goods to charity and nearly 70 percent want to reduce their carbon footprint, only 5.4 percent regularly donate a used car after purchasing a new one. 

"We were surprised to learn that a very low number of adults donate their car to charity despite the financial and environmental benefits," said Avi Gordon, chief executive officer of Kars4Kids. "Over 25 percent of vehicles on the road are used cars, and they contribute to 75 percent of all harmful emissions." 

If drivers are concerned about the environmental impact of their cars, whether new or used, they can turn to an auto repair franchise for a tune up. Even a simple check of an automobile can ensure that there are no issues contributing to low fuel efficiency or other harmful problems. 

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