Adrien Brody: Race car driver

April 22, 2014 12:00 AM

Adrien Brody is apparently quite the car enthusiast, as he competed in the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach Pro/Celebrity Race, showing the actor's vast range of skills. The film star is famed for his many awe-inspiring and emotional - not to mention award-winning - roles. While he is has earned esteem as a serious film actor, he is not above engaging in more humorous films, like Woody Allen's "Midnight In Paris," in which he played a quite obviously drug-addled Salvador Dali. Brody's skills extend even outside of this difficult field, with brake repair and car racing being two other talents the famed actor exhibits.

Brody a successful racer and passionate car enthusiast
According to the Hollywood Reporter, Brody has always loved racing, coming to find his passion for cars as a child in Queens when his childhood friends all shared an infatuation with cars. 

"On my block pretty much all the kids had a fascination with muscle cars," said Brody, according to the source, "We would build cars on a budget and they all went very fast and didn't really handle well, so that's how we learned to drive. There was never any fear!"

Brody's life-long enthusiasm for cars may be a surprise to fans of his films, especially the mournful "The Pianist," who see him as a serious actor devoted to impassioned performances. It seems that even actors must have an outlet for more recreational pursuits, though in Brody's case, this recreational passion is combined with some veritable car-driving-skills in machines that probably require a serious car tune up when the race is over. 

"We will be pushing 120 or 130 mph and definitely at full throttle," said Brody, according to the source, "You are pretty much flying on adrenalin when you are out there. The key is when you make a mistake, not to get sidetracked and lose focus. There have been accidents on the track -- a couple of years ago someone crashed right in front of me and there was nowhere to go, so I've seen some hairy incidents."

According to the Celebrity Cars Blog, Brody has driven a Ducati and a Corvette in the past, lending credence to the intense racing ethic he follows, and commitment to vehicle maintenance and safety that he probably has from visceral racing experiences. His fearlessness on the race track should prove intriguing to fans of the Academy Award-winning actor, showing that many individuals are full of talents just waiting to be unearthed. 

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