AAA selects best car features for health conditions

December 2, 2013 12:00 AM

Many drivers are aware of basic safety concerns they need to look out for when they get behind the wheel. However, fewer motorists know the ways in which the right vehicle can help relieve some of the pain, difficulties and danger associated with health concerns. AAA recently examined vehicle features that are best for drivers' safety and comfort, and these amenities may go a long way toward making the driving experience easier for motorists. 

For example, drivers who have trouble with their vision will want dashboard displays with contrasting text, which makes it easier to see directions and information. Additionally, problems with arthritis or stiff joints can be remedied with elements like keyless entry, push-to-start buttons and a thicker steering wheel. These features reduce the pain by eliminating many of the gripping, twisting and turning associated with common motions while driving. 

"A 2012 survey revealed that only one in 10 senior drivers with health issues are driving a vehicle with features like keyless entry or larger dashboard controls that can assist with such conditions," said Jake Nelson, the director of AAA Traffic Safety Advocacy and Research. 

While these features may be best for older drivers, motorists of any age can benefit from things like a car tune up, which can ensure all are working properly. This basic vehicle maintenance can significantly extend the life of an automobile and improve its function. 

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