AAA iPhone app released to help drivers find cheap gas

March 28, 2011 12:00 AM

As the price of fuel continues to rise, many drivers are worried about finding the cheapest gas stations nearby.

This time last year, gas prices were 73 cents cheaper, according to AAA, quite the jump when gas is still only around $4.

Now, however, the motorist association known for developing accurate tour guides and maps has created an iPhone app that lets drivers use GPS to see gas prices at local pumps. The AAA TripTik Mobile application is reportedly the first free app to provide updated gas prices.

The app uses up-to-date maps, which also displays hotels, restaurants, attractions and other points of interest.

According to the travel organization, "hotel and restaurant information [on the app] includes AAA's Diamond Ratings based on professional in-person inspections. There's also an option to call for lodging reservations with the touch of a button."

In addition, voice step-by-step directions provide drivers with accurate routes for travelers making road trips. Users can save these routes and change them at a later date, so long as they register online at

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