AAA: Hundreds of thousands will need help

December 19, 2011 12:00 AM

The automotive group AAA has dealt with car breakdowns for years, and that's given it a ton of data over time. According to the agency's projections, more than 800,000 motorists will need roadside assistance between December 23rd and January 2nd, as approximately 83.6 million will take to the roads for holiday travel.

"Becoming stranded on the roadway can quickly dampen your holiday spirit," said Marshall L. Doney, vice president, AAA Automotive. "Whether you are planning local day trips or long distance year-end holiday travel, having your vehicle properly maintained and prepared for the rigors of holiday driving will help ensure it gets you to your destination safely and without incident."

The agency says that about 60 percent of motorists can be helped and sent on their way, with the remaining requiring a tow. The most prevalent problem, nearly 25 percent of all incidents, will be a dead battery.

Keeping up with auto maintenance can be very beneficial this time of year, as nobody wants to be stuck on the road in the cold while trying to visit family or friends. Taking the car in for a tune-up and putting on some new tires before your holiday road trip can drastically reduce the chances of having an incident occur over the next few weeks.

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