A test drive of the Nissan Leaf

February 8, 2011 12:00 AM

Before the Nissan Leaf hits showrooms everywhere across America, critics and bloggers are getting the chance to take a joy ride in the electric vehicle.

Jacob Gordon of Treehugger.com was one of the lucky fellows who got to test drive the Leaf and he had some great things to say about the battery-powered car and how it moves.

It performs well at any speed, reaching 90 mph without any problems and "feels stable and agile" on the freeway.

The acceleration, while not at a sports car level, still manages to reach 60 mph in seven seconds and continues to drive with "zippiness" as Gordon calls it, meaning the vehicle "jumps when you tell it to." It's so much fun to zoom around the city that Gordon got pulled over in a 30 mph-zone.

A charge will give drivers a range of 85-100 miles, depending on how you drive. If you're a slow, cautious driver, you'll get the longer end of the stick. Normal, speedy drivers will get closer to the 80-something figure.

Of course, you can get rid of the super-quick acceleration feature, which increases the mileage by approximately 10 mpg.

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