A road trip through the Adirondacks

February 28, 2012 12:00 AM

New York's Adirondack Mountains are among the best places in the country for a road trip, as the natural scenery is simply breathtaking. There are many roads that drivers can explore in this area, but one of the more famous is Route 28, which passes through Adirondack State Park.

Route 28 connects to the more-traveled Route 87 in two places, looping between those points in a large "C" shape. The road will take drivers through Adirondack State Park and down into the Catskill Mountain Range as well.

There's so much to do along this road, but one must-see stop is the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake, reports Travel Guide of America. Not only is this town stunningly beautiful, but the museum can teach visitors much more about the region.

Before you go, be sure to get your car checked out by an auto maintenance expert. As drivers travel further into the wilderness, they'll be less likely to have a garage within walking distance, so any breakdown can be a serious inconvenience. It may also help to put on some new tires if they haven't been changed in awhile.

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