A look back at the Chevrolet Volt

December 30, 2011 12:00 AM

The Chevrolet Volt is one of the most-hyped vehicles in recent memory - so much so that Motor Trend named it their Car of the Year for 2010 before it was even widely available. With a full year of sales under its belt, the publication took a look back at their decision and how the Volt has fared.

Thus far, sales for the vehicle have not exactly matched the pre-release hype. Analysts agree that it will take some time before America embraces electric vehicles, if it ever happens. However, some months were noticably disconcerting for the Volt - such as July, which saw just 125 units sold. Sales picked up toward the end of the year, but things weren't helped when it was discovered that one of the vehicles spontaneously caught on fire weeks after being in an accident.

However, there are certainly positives as well. Motor Trend's statistics show that on average, 70 percent of the operation is in electric mode. Some, including talk show host Jay Leno (who got his Volt in December of last year), say that they have not had to fill the car up once since buying it, which is certainly economically beneficial.

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