A guide for picking out GPS systems

February 4, 2011 12:00 AM

If you don't have a portable GPS navigation system, chances are you want one - but it's so hard to decide which is the best in today's sales market.

While some cars have the option of a $2,000 in-dash navigation system, consider a portable one that costs anywhere between $200 and $650. Since these devices can be moved between cars, the price is well worth it.

Yahoo! Autos has some advice on how to choose the best system, and while they can't pick one that's the best, they do know what to look for.

When testing the system out, making sure you can type easily on the user interface..., as some are easier to enter destinations than others.

Check user ratings on the software's navigation skills including map coverage and features. Make sure the company focuses on practicality over "entertaining non-essentials" like celebrity voices telling you where to go (D'oh!).

Try to find a system that can say specific street names instead of saying "turn left in 800 feet," as unfamiliar areas can become more confusing than necessary.

In addition, GPS' devices that come with a plug-in battery can be extra helpful during those long road trips.

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