A BMW that recalls the 70s but drives in 2012

January 25, 2011 12:00 AM

On a first-time drive Car and Driver review had the news source's critic praising the new BMW 6-Series as an excellent evolution from the 5-Series, with only one caveat.

The 650i Convertible recalls the elegant designs of BMW during the 1970's when the automaker first introduced the 6 thanks to a subtle nod to the shark nose front-end and low, wide body.

BMW improved the interior significantly, focusing more on the driver, providing easy seat positioning and expanding the rear seat enough "to take along two friends for short distances without jeopardizing the friendship," says Meiners.

American models come with a six-speed manual transmission option in addition to the eight-speed automatic, in response to many U.S. customer's requests for stick shift.

On the whole, the car is stylish, classy and comfortable. Handling the sporty vehicle, however, is another story, according to the review. The electric steering and V-8's "drinking habits," Car and Driver's likely reference to its high fuel consumption, become the 650i's downfall.

That's no reason to ignore the convertible, however, as the manual transmission offers a smoother driver and an engine that stays quenched a lot longer.

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