2013 Volt will have extended range, better fuel economy

June 8, 2012 12:00 AM

General Motors has announced it will be upgrading the battery on the 2013 Chevrolet Volt to give drivers a bit more electric range and a greater fuel efficiency rating.

GM engineers have developed a new battery that will increase the Volt's electric range by three miles, rising from 35 to 38. Meanwhile, the car's fuel efficiency rating will jump from 94 to 98 MPGe. In total, the car can now travel 380 miles on both electric and gas before the driver needs to either charge the battery or fuel up.

"The best way to explain what we've done at the cell level is to compare it to a cake batter recipe. Sometimes if you use more sugar and less vanilla you get a better tasting cake. We've done some work at the cell level to modify the 'ingredients' to make a better end result," said Bill Wallace, GM director of battery systems engineering. "This attention to detail will allow our customers to experience more pure EV range, which is the true benefit of owning a Volt."

The Volt hasn't sold well thus far, but there's no denying the car offers excellent fuel economy. Drivers who want to increase the fuel economy on their current vehicle may want to invest in a tune up or fuel injection cleaning.

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