2011 Toyota Sienna is a new breed of minivan

January 14, 2011 12:00 AM

Editors at MSN Autos released their reviews of the 2011 Toyota Sienna and the four test drivers enjoyed controlling the minivan, despite a few flaws involving space.

The car fits two adults and four children and while there isn't much cargo room, the rear seats fold down to create more space. While this decreases passenger capacity, there are several hidden storage bins spread around the car.

All of the editors mentioned the minivan's size, stating that it's a bit larger than most models. It can be a little intimidating when driving it into the garage, for example, but confidence will come after the second or third drive.

Despite its size, the Sienna is very easy to handle, says Paul Hagger, an MSN Autos editor. "Acceleration also felt best-in-class to me, making the freeway much more relaxing than usual," he added. "This really is a Toyota with almost everything for everyone."

Mike Meredith, another editor for MSN Autos, said the minivan drives a lot better than most vehicles in its class thanks to stronger sport suspension and V6 engine.

Overall, the Sienna is perfect for families - or as Toyota puts it, "Mommy like."

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