2 of JFK's cars up for auction in Boston

October 21, 2013 12:00 AM

A few cars seeped in the history surrounding John F. Kennedy are going on the auction block. One of the cars at the RR Auction's JFK 50th Anniversary Auction, described as JFK's Presidential Limo, is a black four-door bullet proof 1960 Lincoln. An uncommon two-way telephone is in the Lincoln's back seat, and the body of the vehicle has been restored. The car was used for the president's personal needs while he was in Washington, D.C. 

The second car is a white 1963 Lincoln Continental. While the body and engine have been restored, and other necessary car repair implemented, the interior of the vehicle remains as it was in 1963. This is the car with most of the history behind it when compared to the first vehicle up for bid. The '63 Continental was the last car JFK safely rode in. On the morning of his assassination, the Kennedy's, with Jackie in her now famous pink Chanel suit she wore throughout that tragic day, drove through Fort Worth to the Carswell Air Force Base. There they boarded a short flight to Dallas, where JFK would later be killed that afternoon. There are numerous photos from that day of the two Kennedy's riding in the back of the white '63 Continental on their way to the air force base. 

Both cars are sure to get a hefty price at the auction, along with the bevy of other items on the block in Boston, John F. Kennedy's birthplace. 

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