1962 Shelby Cobra graces New York Auto Show for brand's 50th anniversary

April 16, 2012 12:00 AM

The New York International Auto Show featured dozens of unique vehicles, including the Terrafugia flying car and the MINI Yachtsman aquatic car. Classic cars were a far less common sight at the Javits Center in New York City last week, but one old sports car was on hand to greet guests as they entered the convention center - the first Cobra ever built. The 1962 Cobra was the first vehicle guests saw when they arrived at the auto show, which was fitting considering this is where the vehicle made its world debut 50 years ago.

The brilliant blue car stood out among its newer relatives as part of a display honoring the 50th anniversary of Shelby. It even still belongs to the original owner, Carol Shelby, 89. While he has taken great care to stay on top of the car maintenance, its age is clearly seen in the imperfect paint job and the worn shifter that could use a bit of auto repair. The leather seats are bursting at the seams and the stuffing pokes through like a well-loved childhood toy.

AutoBlog reports the vehicle is valued at around $20 million, but Shelby is not looking to sell his baby any time soon.

"I heard someone once offered him $25 million for it, but he turned it down," said one Ford spokesperson at the auto show.

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