Toyota reveals new Avalon at New York Auto Show

April 6, 2012 12:00 AM

Toyota claimed it would unveil a new sedan at the New York Auto Show, but didn't reveal the exact name of the car. While most expected the vehicle to be a full-size sedan, news outlets did not know if it would be a redesigned Avalon or a brand new car.

It turns out that it was a redesigned Avalon after all, with Toyota officially unveiling the new car at a press conference, reports USA Today. The exact specifications are under wraps, but it will come with a V6 engine and a number of new features, such as touchscreen controls. The current Avalon gets 23 combined MPGs and costs $30,000.

Several other automakers made a move in the full-size sedan market as well, with a new Chevrolet Impala, Hyundai Azera and Ford Taurus all being unveiled. Full-size cars make up just 3 percent of total auto sales, a number that may actually shrink as drivers look for more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Those planning to trade up to a new Avalon will need to wait a few months before it hits dealerships. In the meantime, keeping your current car in good condition through regular auto maintenance can help avoid major car repairs and up your resale value.

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