Middleton's Volkswagen will fetch a pretty price

July 14, 2011 12:00 AM

Celebrity cars typically sell at a premium compared to the vehicles owned by us normal folk, but the fervor surrounding Kate Middleton in the UK has increased the value of her car nearly tenfold.

Middleton purchased a Volkswagen Golf in 2001, shortly after she met Prince William at school. She drove the car for a number of years and was photographed in it many times by the paparazzi. It was eventually passed to her brother James in 2007, and later traded to a dealer in 2009. That was when Sonny Brazil, 21, snagged the car for about £1,400 ($2,300).

Brazil already got a good deal on the car, as the Kelley Blue Book price is listed as about $8,500 for a model in good condition. Since the car is about 10 years old and only has 60,000 miles on it, about half the average for cars that age, that has to be considered pretty good.

However, the model will reportedly fetch far more at auction, according to the Daily Mail. Solely because it was owned by Middleton, an auction house appraised the car at £30,000 ($48,000). Brazil plans to sell the car on eBay, starting tomorrow.

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