Audi developing a fuel-efficient city car

November 26, 2012 12:00 AM

Audi is currently planning a four-seat city car rumored to be capable of 282 miles per gallon. The manufacturer is working on a vehicle with an electric component that would be an affordable option providing all of the comforts of a standard Audi car, AutoBlog reports.

Based on the current Audi A1, the new vehicle is aiming to be the most economical family car ever to hit the market, according to Autocar UK. The few details that have been released revolve around the car receiving a tune up in order to have a lighter-than-normal interior and suspension system while also potentially using a new type of injection-molded system for some parts. This process would be much faster than traditional carbon fiber manufacturing, the news source reports.

The car will also have electrical assistance but will not have a diesel engine, Business Insider reports. Audi recently confirmed that it would be introducing diesel versions of five of its models at the Los Angeles Auto Show, but the move will not extend to some of its future vehicles.

While the Audi car is several years away from gracing showrooms, it should give car enthusiasts, as well as potential buyers, something to look forward to. 

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