Allstate details safe and dangerous cities to drive in

September 1, 2011 12:00 AM

Auto insurance provider Allstate has compiled their accident rate data from cities across the country to determine which areas are the best and worst when it comes to crashes and other accidents.

According to the company, Washington D.C. is the worst city in the country to drive in, followed closely by Baltimore. Both of these cities had much higher accident rates than normal. It was the second year in the row that D.C. was named the worst in the country for driving.

In general, cities with more people did worse on the list, but some performed better than others. Phoenix, for example, has more than 1 million drivers on the road, but it still only leads to a 1.1 percent higher chance of an accident, compared to 107 percent more likely in Washington.

The safest city in the country was Fort Collins, Colorado. Other cities that had low accident rates included Lincoln, Nebraska; Springfield, Missouri and Knoxville, Tennessee.

Watching out for accidents is one thing, but another way to stay safe on the road is to keep up with your vehicle maintenance. Vehicle inspections, keeping your tires up-to-date and brake service & repair can go a long way toward ensuring that you don't run into any trouble out on the road.

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