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Nashville, TN
Auto Maintenance and Repair Shop

Location Number 028-03 - Nashville
5700 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN 37209
Phone: (615) 352-8863

Precision Tune Auto Care is the fast, convenient and affordable solution to all of your car repair and routine vehicle maintenance needs. Our trained technicians help you keep your vehicle safe & reliable on the road!

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    Good customer service; able to fix problem10Chris runs a great business. Good customer service and professionalism. One opportunity for improvement is that it's probably time to expand. (open later, etc.) Always seem to be packed with customers... Price of success.10People10Customer Service is the key! Chris the Manager is very hands on. Donnie the Lead Tech is also on point.10That Ino one ever tries to swindle me10Excellent, honest service.10Chris is EXCEPTIONAL and the reason that I send customers to this shop10great service + great attitude10Been with Precision Tune over 14 years...always had good service.10that the product is good quality and that your staff is very personable, takes time to explain if needed and courteous and I feel they are honest it's hard finding people you feel you can trust now and days10Staff is knowledgeable, friendly, honest, and always willing to go the extra mile. They never make me feel like I'm being taken advantage of or talked down to (which, as a woman in a car place, is a rarity).10Very fair in pricing, reliable, trustworthy, and extremely customer friendly. My wife been going here for since 2008 and introduced me Chris when he worked at the other Charlotte location. We drive at least 45 minutes just so Chris and his staff can work on our cars. Whenever I have a question and/or concern Chris is there and has no problem with saying come on in we'll check it out.10Friendly honest service10Good prices, honest service, and very helpful tips. Goes above and beyond expectations to help me and my car. I appreciate it guys!10I feel that the shop is run by a very trust-worthy and honest manager - Chris. Has never steered me wrong with repairs and always goes above and beyond to explain car issues. What's more, when I've compared prices with other shops, Precision tune has always been the lowest. Thanks!10Great service and the people are great to help any way they can.10The management at my Charlotte Pike location in Nashville is excellent. Chris Fowle is really an awesome manager, great friendly guy, always looking to save me money on my repairs and services...all the guys there are very helpful. Great location. I've been taking my old jalopy there for years and they've help me keep it on the road!10They are honest!10I like the service all the way around and Chris the manager is great!10I been a customer at precision tune at the Charlotte location in Nashville,TN since 1995. I have been very satisfied with product,outstanding service and customer friends. Fantastic group of guys, mechanics and human beings. Precision should be very proud of this this store; they are a great credit to the precision tune auto and people care experience/establishment!!!10The store on Charlotte in West Nashville is very professional, with friendly, fast, and courteous service.10They seem reliable. They even showed me where to order a part on line in the past.10Friendly, honest, and efficient!10Greart customer service! Good knowledge about their products,and they listen very carefully,as you explain your car problems. And once they repair the problem...it's fixed!!10I appreciate the honesty.10The crew is very knowledgable of all issues dealing with vehicle and the customer service is the best ever. Thanks to their Boss Chris a very nice and great guy. You couldn't ask for a better group of great staff. Thanks guys....10Everything!!!! Great job. Will b returning!!10The service is excellent. They have good product10The honesty and fair price are what keep me coming back. I also love that I am not given a laundry list of things I need to fix every time I get an oil change. I am only told what really needs to be done and when it really needs to be done.10Chris always take great care of my vehicle. He never provides or offers services that I dont need. I will continue to be a customer at that location if that level of excellence is maintained.10Chris is always nice, professional, and thoughrough with explaining just what is wrong and why things need to be fixed, he gives an honest opinion and tells you a time frame in which services need to be done by. I felt like I was not getting jerked around as a female10Very knowledgeable staff. The owner even took the time to show me where to go to replace my tires.10Honest, Quick, and Reliable10Fast Service. Friendly Staff. My car ALWAYS run better after my Oil Charge there! Chris is VERY knowledgable about cars & ALWAYS go above & beyond when discussing your car & giving advice. As long as I'm living in Nashville, I will ALWAYS bring my car to Precision Tune!10Friendly staff and they get the job done right!10Honesty, competency, speed, fair pricing10I like the performances of all the crew. Chris is always on point! The crew is very friendly and reliable! I have no complaints!10Honest and friendly staff.10Customer service10Very friendly and helpful staff. They are always honest and are willing to go the extra mile to give you the best deal possible10Extremely courteous, professional, above and beyond expectation of service. They provide you with information about your vehicle and even refer you to other services, if needed. I trust them with my vehicle. There are too many untrustworthy mechanics/shops out there, and I am glad I found Precision Tune AutoCare!10The people are honest, friendly, and reliable. I love this garage and give them all my business.10Chris, store manager is SUPER honest!10Fast, professional, friendly and courteous service. Really nice guys working there!10Friendly service10Love the guys up there they do a great job keep up the good work you guys😍😍10Realistic prices and quick repairs10The honesty of the works... Chris... GOOD GUY!!!10I appreciate the honesty and the beyond satisfactory job that is performed each time.10They are highly intelligent and knowledgeable about vehicle care. All the worker have super costumer service.10Customer care is awesome. They are truthful and do not overcharge. Only place I would go to for services.10I love the customer service at this one particular branch off Charlotte. They do a great job and I am completely satisfied.10The customer service is excellent! The manager, Chris explain very clearly what going on with your vehicle and advise the most important service needed. I'm a ongoing satisfied customer.10Friendly folks and value10AMAZING SERVICE...every member of this branch. Chris, Adam, Ronny...wow. So personable and helpful. Great prices too! I only go here.10Chris and his crew are the best.10The manager seems to be a very honest and good guy. Always provide good service and excellent customer service.10It's the staff. They take personal interest in you and your car. Their suggestions are not cookie-cutter, but based on how you use your vehicle. I never feel that I've been overcharged for service or steered in a direction solely for the profit of the garage.10the wait time10Always a friendly and welcoming environment. Awesome customer service and Chris tries to make it economical as possible. Explains things as simple as possible and shows you what is actually wrong with your vehicle.10Fast, friendly service.10The staff (particularly Chris) is friendly and helpful, above and beyond any auto service business I have ever encountered. I feel like they don't want my money - they always offer the cheapest (sometimes free) solutions first, rather than just taking the car in and putting the most expensive part on it. I have never felt more positively about the customer service at any location of any business in ANY industry, and I am not exaggerating.10great customer services!10You guys are always honest with me, giving me full information and recommendations based on what I need rather than on what will make you money.10The honesty and the willingness to help10

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    Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

    In today's busy economy, we believe "Convenience" is our highest value proposition.Β  Fleet owners will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the work on their vehicles will be done promptly and will be done right the first time. Competitive prices and better value In and Out, Same Day Service to minimize... Learn More

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    Flush & Fill

    Perform cooling system pressure test, exchange used coolant with proper coolant mixture plus check belts & hoses for wear.


    028-03 — 5700 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN 37209
    Tel: (615) 352-8863

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